What's Holding You Back From Playing Your

Best Golf ???

Does this look familiar?


The image above represents today's modern lifestyle and is unfortunately very familiar to many of us.

Humans are meant to be in near constant motion and using our bodies to their fullest potential...

...not stuck behind a desk or on a couch.

Traditional Swing Instruction doesn't address the

root causes of swing compensations.

If the body can't move well, why would the club?

The Mobilitas Method addresses the underlying issues preventing you from reaching your greatest potential and helps you play better golf from the inside-out.

Sedentary lifestyle such as sitting behind a desk or on the couch destroys the bodies ability to move well.

The body becomes rigid, loses flexibility, and is forced to compensate!

The result?

Poor Golf, Frustration, and Pain!

Unless you have a plan for improving your mobility, it doesn't matter how many lessons you take, what clubs you use, or how often you play, you will never reach your greatest potential!

Great Golfers understand when they can move better,

they will play better!

That's why ALL GREAT GOLFERS create a HABIT of moving well EVERY DAY!!!

If you want to...

-Get Stronger- 

-Swing Faster-

-Improve Flexibility-

-Improve Balance-

-Shoot Lower Scores-

- Play YOUR BEST GOLF!!! -

...you need a routine PROVEN to take your game to the next level

See What Others are Saying

Alan H.

"When I began, I had limited flexibility, including back and shoulder tightness. Blaine has taught me methods to increase flexibility and swing the club more efficiently."

Henry M.

"From just the last few months of working with Blaine, I’m getting twice the distance from when I started! Blaine’s knowledge and understanding of body mechanics, and his respect and philosophy for the game of golf and golf traditions have all contributed to making a huge difference."

Jamie C.

"Initially I was worried about my own physical condition and my ability to execute to a rigorous workout and conditioning program. Thorough internet searching, looking for local golf coach expertise with the right diagnostic equipment and holistic approach lead me to Blaine who focused on addressing any physical limitations before working on swing mechanics.  He understands that improving the body’s ability to move properly is the foundation of a fundamentally sound golf swing. Blaine is highly skilled at making swing motions “relatable” with simple analogies and feelings. Absolutely recommend Blaine!  He has been a tremendous coach and instructor, and a great motivator.  He understands that a strong, flexible, golf-conditioned body is the key for setting a path for golf swing improvement.  And importantly, he knows how to customize a training plan to help you achieve your goals.  I am extremely blessed to work with Blaine as an instructor!"

Cody J.

"Blaine's positive attitude and ability to correct a poor golf swing will have you sold. Young or old, I'd recommend you to contact Blaine."

Mike S.

"I was taking some lessons with another instructor but I wasn't seeing the results I was looking for. I was referred to Blaine and that's when I started to see real improvement. My entire body and my swing immediately began to feel better. I was achieving more effortless power without having to try so hard."

Paul S.

The major add that Blaine brings to the table is his interest and knowledge in the human body and how to incorporate the muscle groups into strengthening the golf swing. Incorporation of a strength and golf pro into one! I would recommend Blaine because of his knowledge of the game of golf, and most importantly, his belief and knowledge of using the body to better one’s golf swing through mobility training. The Proof is in how my golf swing has developed.

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