Quick Fix: Swing Plane

Chances are at some point someone has recommended you work on your swing plane. If you have full range of motion in your shoulders it will be much easier to make changes to your plane but chances are, that's not the case.

Stay Loose to Swing Fast

Everyone wants to hit the ball farther but sometimes it seems like the harder you try, the shorter they go. That's because tension in the upper body will prevent the club from effectively "whipping" through the shot. In order to achieve efficient and powerful swings, you must stay connected yet remain loose.

Quick Fix: Topped Shots

In this video I'll teach you a super easy way to minimize topped shots. If you are topping the ball, chances are you're standing up during the swing. Obviously you don't want to stand up and top the ball but sometimes it feels like you just can't help it. Why? This video will help answer that question.

Building Connection with the Ground

When you watch the best players in the world, their feet create solid connection with the ground throughout the swing. This is what allows them to stay balanced, create torque, and generate and transfer power. Without connection to the ground, you will dump power and be unable to create consistency. This video shows you a couple really easy ways to enhance your connection while out on the course!

Cold Morning Super Hip Floss

When your hips are tight and restricted, your body will be unable to produce powerful and repeatable swings. Stiff hips also put stress on the back which can lead to long term dysfunction if not taken care of. This video shows you 3 of my favorite hip opening stretches with the addition of a compression wrap to take them all to the next level. Perform these stretches for 5 minutes per leg, 2-3x/week for best results.

Cold Morning Knee Floss

Stiff knees cause discomfort or pain when you swing. They make it harder to walk around the course and restrict your ability to clear fully through impact. One of my favorite ways to clean up my knees is by performing a basic compression therapy like the one in this video.

Passthru Magic

One of the simplest and most effective ways to clean up your shoulder mobility is to perform Passthrus. All you need is a club and you're well on your way to improved shoulder health. Perform passthrus before, during, and after your practice or play. For best results, perform at least 20 passthrus each day. It takes hardly any time at all and the benefits are well worth the effort.

It's All in the Hips

Unlock your Hips for added power, stability, distance, and reduced pain and risk of injury! The benefits of full Range of Motion in your Hips cannot be overstated.

Gain 10 Yards in 10 Minutes

Gain 10 yards in 10 minutes following the techniques in this video. Want to increase your shoulder turn? Want to decrease resistance? Want to create consistent, efficient, effortless power? Want to drive it down the middle every time?

On Course Mobility: Episode 3

Don't have time to properly warm up? Take 1 minute to get loose and you'll be glad you did. Once you're out on the course, follow my On Course Mobility Episodes 1 and 2 to loosen up the rest of your body

Episode #1:

Episode #2:

On Course Mobility: Episode 2

In this video we take your on course mobility to the next level. In episode 1 we tackled some common lower body faults and I showed you how to get your hip flexors and calves in check. In this video we work on your shoulders and chest. If you haven't seen the first episode, please go here...

On Course Mobility: Episode 1

This series is intended to maximize your time on the golf course and increase your range of motion at the same time. Whether you're sitting on the tee waiting for the group ahead of you to clear out, or if you're waiting for your group to hit their shots, this series will teach you simple yet effective techniques to mobilize while on the golf course.

"Setting the Stage" - How to Warm Up for Golf

In all other sports we warmup and stretch out before getting started yet with Golf, most people skip these incredibly important steps. Golf places a high demand on our bodies Range of Motion and Central Nervous System. By properly warming up our body and our swing, we'll set the stage for the rest of the day.

"Swing Plane Mobility"

Are you struggling to swing your club on plane? It's probably due to some restrictions in your mobility. This video will show you how to fix some common range of motion restrictions and free your body up so you can make a good swing more easily.

Frog Stretch Hip Opener

Want a simple way to gain power and stability? No equipment needed!

Knee Pain? Try Resetting It

Most people experience knee pain in their life but most people don't know how to fix it...

Keeping your arms straight

Keeping your lead arm straight through the backswing, downswing, and through impact will significantly add to the power, efficiency, and consistency of your shots

You Deserve a Massage

This video will help you better understand "smashing" as it relates to mobility. Learning how to smash your tissues essentially allows you to give yourself targeted deep tissue massages. How sweet is that!?

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