Putting Speed Ladder

The best players in the world know the importance of controlling their speed on the greens. In fact, you watch any tour event and when they interview the person who came in second, I guarantee you they say something to the effect of "I couldn't quite get the speed of the greens"

So how do you practice your speed? Here's one of my favorites!

"It's Automatic"

This is my favorite putting drill. The best way to improve your putting stroke is by practicing in a controlled environment. Learn how to set up a controlled 3-5 foot putt and start ingraining a solid stroke.

"The Ultimate Putting Challenge"

Take your putting to the next level with The Ultimate Putting Challenge. Challenge yourself to make large sets of putts in a row from various distances. This drill is not for the faint of heart but I promise, if you take your time and make every stroke count, your putting will improve leaps and bounds over the competition.

"Clockface Putting"

Get better from all around the hole with the clockface putting drill. Start to introduce subtle amounts of break from various distances to get a better understanding of how the ball reacts as distances change.

"Down the Ladder"

This is one of my favorite putting drills when playing on a new course. It helps me adjust to the speed of the greens while also making sure my stroke is solid.

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