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Meditation through Mobilization

April 18, 2017

 Why was I so drawn to Mobilization when I first learned about its benefits back in 2011?


1) It felt good


Not only did the process of mobilization feel good while I was doing it but it also had lasting effects that felt good after I was done. My body felt like it could move more freely with less restriction through a greater range of motion. My joints stopped hurting and I felt good getting out of bed every morning.


2) My performance improved


As a Golf Professional I was always looking for ways to improve my golf swing as well as the swings of my students and I found that mobility was by far the most beneficial habit to pursue.


By removing restrictions from the body and allowing it to move the way it's intended to, the basic fundamentals we spend so much time ingraining take hold and our performance nearly instantly improves regardless of if we're playing a sport or if we just want to wake up in the morning without pain or stiffness.


3) I found mobilization to be meditative


When I first started mobilizing I couldn't believe how bad at it I was! I would find myself saying "there's no way this is all I can do!"


As a young athletic American male I thought I'd have no problem but as soon as I spent some time properly mobilizing I found out it was harder than I anticipated but at the same time it proved more effective than any "stretching" I had ever done before.


After my first session I noticed profound changes that woke me up into realizing that there's a whole world of hidden potential that was waiting for me to unlock it. 


I grew to enjoy mobility. I found it meditative. It was an opportunity to get to know myself and my body and consciously make an effort to improve my bodies function.


Through consistency and discipline I learned what it took to actually change my body and not just go through the motions. I found the best way to be successful at this was to enter a state of meditation. I could set a timer on my phone and drift away into another world where my only focus was to become in tune with my body and make the improvements I sought out.


When you start mobilizing you may get a sense of discomfort but you shouldn't feel pain. This is because your body isn't used to reaching full range of motion. As a good rule of thumb, you shouldn't feel pain, nervy tingling, and should be able to continually breathe. I like to tell my students that it should feel like a pleasurable sense of relief when mobilizing.


I highly encourage everyone, especially beginners, not to focus on the discomfort of mobility but rather the benefits. At first your body is going to be a wreck so any new stimulus is going to seem tough but with time and practice it'll become easier and believe it or not, pleasurable.


Spend the time getting to know yourself and improve your body. The benefits will be immediate and long term. You'll be glad you did.



If you want to learn how to improve your performance from the inside-out, spend your days pain free, clear away mental fog, and be the best person you can be, all it takes is a simple email.


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