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The Power of Intentional Practice

August 14, 2017


Player A just retired. He has a lot of free time on his hands and has decided to pick up golf. He's not really sure where to start but he's decided that he's going to block out time at least 5 days each week to practice and get better. Player A has decided there's no need to work with a swing coach since he has a lot of time to practice and thinks he'll figure it out on his own. 


Player B is a hardworking average Joe who wants to get better at Golf. He blocks out an hour every Friday evening after work to practice. When he comes to the range he warms up, stretches out, and has an end goal and hits each shot with intention. Player B knows he's limited on time to practice so he decided to work with a swing coach to optimize his practice time. 


Player B will get better than Player A 9 times out of 10. 


By working with a professional coach who's able to evaluate their game, lay out a game plan for improvement, and assign drills to work on, Player B now has a roadmap for accelerated performance. 


The key here is that not only does Player B have a game plan for improvement, they're also going to hit each shot with intention and really focus. By working on the right things at the right time and by focusing hard on each shot, they're going to improve faster than Player A. 


If you're not already doing so, find yourself a coach who is able to put you on that fast track to success. A program like Mobilitas Golf will even go one step further by not only laying out a roadmap to improve your golf swing but will help to improve your fitness and range of motion as well. 


Be smart with your time... Be like Player B, not like Player A!


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