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Consistency vs. Power

December 20, 2017

What's more important? Consistency or Power?


That depends. Do you like hitting fairways and greens or do you like experiencing the course from the other fairway? Do you like sticking it close and making putts or do you like grinding and scrambling?


Sure hitting it 300 yards is nice, but not everybody can physically achieve 300 yard drives. What everyone can do, however, is learn how to hit the ball solidly.


Power will eventually come as you learn to make an athletic swing, free up any restrictions by increasing your range of motion, perfect your fundamentals, and spend time in the gym increasing your strength.


So what's more important...?

Consistency, because consistency will create power.



Regardless of philosophy, any instructor will tell you the most important part of the Golf swing is Impact. The moment the club touches the ball is when all the magic happens.


Spend time making sure your contact is solid and your game will pay dividends down the road.



The first lesson I teach all my students is how to warm up for Golf. This includes a mobility routine as well as a tempo drill to set the tone for the day. Taking a full swing before your body and mind are ready will put you behind the eight ball.




Use your first few shots to dial in your solidness of contact. Start by hitting a few shots where the club goes back until your hands are hip high. Don't worry about distance, just create solid contact.


Follow this up with some medium shots where your hands are nearly shoulder height. Again, solid contact is key.


Lastly, make a handful of longer swings where your backswing looks like a full swing but don't try to accelerate the club with your body like you do on a full swing. Instead, let gravity do the work and, that's right... focus on solid contact.





Only after you've made a handful of swings starting small and growing bigger can you then think about making fuller swings where you try to accelerate the club and create distance through speed.


Start with shorter, higher lofted clubs like wedges then move through your bag to the longer, harder to hit clubs.


If you skipped the tempo shots beforehand, you'll be too focused on results instead of getting into a flow state.


Your patience will be rewarded.





It's easier said than done but over thinking the swing will cause you to lose a sense of flow and create restrictions in your swing. The secret to hitting solid golf shots is not to think about hitting at all, but rather, swing the club and let the ball get in the way.





When you hit a Golf Ball 1/2" off center you lose up to 20 percent of your distance. You can either make that lost distance up by swinging 7mph faster, or by hitting it in the sweet spot. I don't know about you but I don't have an extra 7mph lying around, and even if I did, I'd probably hit it even worse!





I've heard it from nearly every player I've ever worked with. "When I slow my swing down I hit better shots but when I speed it back up they go all over the place!"


Just because you CAN swing faster, doesn't mean you should. I work with my students on increasing their maximum club head speed only so we can then back it down and swing slower. You'll hit better shots swinging 80-90 percent than you will swinging 100 percent. Remember, center contact is crucial.





When I talk with students about club speed, I make sure they understand that club head speed only tells us the potential distance a ball will go. It doesn't mean the ball will actually go that far.


Estimated Potential*


75 mph = ~190 yards

85 mph = ~225 yards

95 mph = ~250 yards

105 mph = ~ 290 yards

115 mph = ~320 yards


*These are based on +5 attack angle and center contact at sea level.

Other factors such as attack angle, spin rate, launch angle, centeredness of contact, face angle, and path all play a role in distance so please use the above chart as a guide, not an exact science.





Next time you want to bomb the ball, don't try to swing faster, swing smarter. Slow down, make an efficient swing, hit the sweet spot, and watch the ball take off!!!


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