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Craftsman Golf Headcover Review

May 9, 2018












It's amazing how sometimes something as small as your headcovers can make such a big difference to your game. No, I don't think a new headcover will make your swing more fundamentally sound, but I do think enjoying what you're looking at can provide the mental performance boost we're all looking for.


Last week I received some awesome headcovers from Craftsman Golf and I'm so glad they're on my clubs. Craftsman Golf has been around since 2010 and has been making headcovers mostly as an OEM for other companies. There's a good chance you already own one of their products branded under another companies name.


I had initially thought about doing some custom headcovers but was intrigued by the variety of design choices they offered and the reasonable price for their products, especially for the quality. After going through their catalog, I decided on a few that I felt really represent me and my game. Now when I play, I get a soft reminder to keep pushing myself to be the best I can be and to perform at the highest level.


I've been very happy with these headcovers and I've been playing some great golf recently too. The quality of the covers, material, and stitching is top notch and I can tell they're going to last for years to come.


Let me show you the headcovers I chose and share a little story as to why I chose them...




For my hybrid cover I chose a design that reminds me of my wife. Her nickname for me is Blaine Bear. It's important to me to be reminded of her, especially while I'm teaching or out playing golf. She's been my biggest supporter over the years and brings happiness and inspiration to my life. It's a reminder to always be the best I can because there's a bigger picture in this life and I should never take a round of golf for granted. I love what I do and I probably wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have her support along my journey.






For me, one of the most important things in my life is eating well and exercising. I've found over the years that if I can do those two things, everything else seems to fall into place. Having a headcover covered in carrots is a great way to be reminded about something I feel so strongly about. It's so easy to get off course, to give into unhealthy temptations, to skip a day of mobilizing or exercise but I know deep down I can't take short cuts.


I'm guilty like everyone else of grabbing a cold snickers and Arnold Palmer at the turn while playing golf. I usually get that initial rush of pleasure but I always come crashing back down and can't keep my focus. This carrot headcover is a reminder to stay true to my principles, that just because there's an easier option doesn't mean it's the correct one. Eat clean, exercise, and keep pushing. Move Better - Play Better.






This putter cover may just be my favorite headcover! The cartoon character gets me excited every time I pull out my putter. It gives me the confidence to drain the putt and go low. I haven't gotten the writing on the side officially translated but an Asian friend of mine loosely translated it to "Always be Winning." If anyone can tell me the official translation I'd love to know! Ironically enough though, that's exactly how this headcover makes me feel.



To learn more


about Craftsman Golf their products and custom options, visit them at


Be sure to use code word "fanday" on the 15th of every month for 35% off.


Share your new headcovers with @CraftsmanGolf on social media and be sure to tag @MobilitasGolf !





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