Client Testimonials

I was an avid golfer back in the early 90s.  Almost no golf the past 20 years.  Never had any professional training, just help from friends who were pretty good.  I got to be a respectable golfer, not too embarrassing.  Enter last year when my boys got me back out to golf.  Goodness, time off and getting older had really taken its toll.  Went out twice, both times consistently bad.  Wanting to get back in the game, I took my son’s advice and bought a new set of clubs.  Along with the new clubs came a free lesson.  This was my introduction to Blaine Seitz. 

From my first meeting with Blaine, he offered positive encouragement along with feedback on changes that made an immediate difference.  I really liked Blaine’s coaching style and content, so I booked more lessons.  At the next lesson, Blaine introduces “How to warm up for golf” before we actually got to the golf stuff.  What a difference that made in swinging the club better and feeling better.  From there, each week he would offer more mobility work that I believe were instrumental in improving my golf game.  As I could see and feel the difference in my game and in feeling and moving better, I was all in.  I asked Blaine for more feedback and training for improving my range of motion.  He did, and I now have this part of my daily routine.  With improvements in swing fundamentals and more body flexibility, my golf game continues to improve.   From just the last few months of work, I’m getting the twice the distance from when I started!

Sometimes things happen that brings someone new into your life.  In this case, that guy was Blaine.  I believe there are several aspects to the success and improvement I am experiencing.  Working with a PGA professional that knows good teaching/coaching technique is certainly a good start.  Add to that Blaine’s personal style with positive attitude in technique for golf fundamentals, Blaine’s knowledge and understanding of body mechanics, and Blaine’s respect and philosophy for the game of golf and golf traditions have all contributed to making a huge difference.  While I don’t expect I’ll ever hit the ball as far as I used to, my overall game is improved and more accurate, I am feeling and moving better, and I am enjoying the game of golf again.   Life is good.   Thank you Blaine.

Henry Morgan

I appreciate Blaine's knowledge of kinesiology and how to use it to make your body work better on the golf course. His love of the game really shows on the practice range.  Blaine's positive attitude and ability to correct a poor golf swing will have you sold. Young or old, I'd recommend you to contact Blaine.

Cody Johnson

Blaine has been working with me for approximately 4 months. Under his guidance I have learned skills that have increased my enjoyment of golf.  He gives clear directions and feedback and is a great motivator. My swing has improved and my knowledge of the game has increased.

When I began, I had limited flexibility, including back and shoulder tightness. Blaine has taught me methods to increase flexibility and swing the club more efficiently.  He uses various tools, including special clubs and stretch bands, to help me feel efficient movement when swinging a golf club. The results have been positive. I have experienced an effective swing and I'm working to increase consistency. 

Blaine has also organized "play days" where his students go out on the course to play 9 holes. He has explained the rules and etiquette in a way that increases my confidence that I can fit in with more experienced players  on the course.  

I plan to continue with my lessons. They have helped increase the enjoyment I get from playing golf. 

Alan Horowitz

I started playing Golf in August 2016 as a way to release stress from studying for Med School. I was taking some lessons with another instructor but I wasn't seeing the results I was looking for. I was referred to Blaine and that's when I started to see real improvement.

We started by talking about my goals and aspirations with both Golf and Life. He was quickly able to pick apart the bad habits I had created and got me focused on intentional practice placing quality over quantity. At first this was a difficult change but once I got through the learning curve of having a different mindset, the quality of my shots was no doubt better than before.

We started working with mobility tools to increase range of motion throughout my entire body and my swing immediately began to feel better. I was achieving more effortless power without having to try so hard.

Each lesson I take with Blaine includes mobility targeted specifically for my restrictions and our personalized lesson plan keeps us on track towards achieving our goals. Having mobility incorporated into our lessons has proven to be more effective than any technical swing lesson I've ever taken.

If you want the satisfaction of immediate improvement as well as the confidence of long term growth, Blaine and Mobilitas Golf are your solution.

Mike Shin

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